Du mardi 11 au vendredi 14 janvier 2022
EauMega 2022

Paris, New York, Beijing, Mumbai, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Mexico, Lagos… all Megacities – urban centers which accommodate more than 10 million inhabitants - are facing “mega”-challenges related to providing water services for their inhabitants, while managing their environment. Climate change effects of intensifying magnitude and global challenges such as sea level rise, increasing temperatures or urbanization, threaten these cities. Now, there is a need for action to achieve resilient cities.

A transversal and multidimensional solution is proposed, based on the collaboration among scientists who advance knowledge, operators (in both the public and private sectors) who innovate technically and socio-politically, and local politicians who can support new, fairer and more efficient models of water governance, in constant interaction with civil society.

The Second International Conference on “Water, Megacities and Global Change”, will take place from 11 to 14 January 2022 at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, to bring all these actors together, 6 years after its first edition, also known as EauMega 2015.

Objectives of the conference

Ω Produce a scientific and technical overview of water challenges and solutions that Megacities face and use to mitigate the effects of climate change, by concretizing the exchange of their expertise in the specific field of water

Ω Strengthen the dialogue between science and policy actors at local level

Ω Officially launch the Megacities Alliance for Water and Climate (MAWAC) and its cooperation platfom based on IHP-Wins

MAWAC aims to provide a platform for Megacities to share their experiences and challenges, propose solutions, and to obtain access to technical and financial support for programmes and projects, enabling them to successfully overcome the challenges of climate change.

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